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Suspenders4Hope™ is a comprehensive, strategic approach to promoting mental wellness and preventing suicide, substance abuse and sexual violence. Showcasing real stories of hope, help-seeking and resiliency, Suspenders4Hope™ aims to increase connections and end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Wichita State University started the #WeSupportU Suspenders4Hope™ Mental Wellness and Preventing Suicide program in 2015 when the Counseling and Prevention Services team was awarded a SAMSHA Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention grant.

Help support Suspenders4Hope™ and efforts to provide training materials and mental wellness resources in the community

• $25,000 supports Suspenders4Hope™ kits for patients for one year at a crisis center or local hospital.

• $15,000 supports the comprehensive Suspenders4Hope™ Mental Wellness and Preventing Suicide Program at a high school, college, community organization.

• $5,000 supports a free in-person community training.

• $500 supports a free installation workshop in the community.

• $60 supports a Suspenders4Hope™ kit for someone recently hospitalized for a mental health crisis.

• $20 supports a free Preventing Suicide Training and Suspenders4Hope™ shirt for one person.

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