Suspenders4Hope remains an integral part of the University’s mental wellness outreach efforts and encourages us to continue developing high-quality, engaging content at an affordable price for anyone interested in supporting community mental health and preventing suicide.
Now, you can help support Suspenders4Hope and efforts to provide these training materials and mental wellness resources in the community:

  • $20 supports a free Preventing Suicide Training and Suspenders4Hope shirt for one person.
  • $50 supports a Suspenders4Hope kit for someone recently hospitalized for a mental health crisis.
  • $250 supports a free in-person community training and Suspenders4Hope shirts for all attendees.
  • $5,000 supports the comprehensive Suspenders4Hope Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention Program at a high school or college.
  • $25,000 supports Suspenders4Hope kits for all patients for one year at a crisis center or local hospital.
Together with #WeSupportU Suspenders4Hope, organizations across all industries, sizes and structures can implement this comprehensive prevention program. Increasing impact and reducing costs allows workplace teams to focus on their core missions while providing staff with important resources to support their mental health.