Wellness Activities

Coping Toolkit

Use this toolkit as your new guide for helping you get through difficult times. Personalize it with items that comfort you and remind you of things to try.




Mental Wellness in

the Workplace Cards

Mental Wellness in the Workplace cards are designed to give leaders an easy-to-use wellness curriculum with their teams. The set includes 30+ cards to lead the team in 2-5 minutes activities that increase peer connections and overall well-being.


Support Your Team

Mental health is essential to overall health and healthy team members are better prepared to be successful in their jobs. Incorporate Mental Wellness in the Workplace activities during regularly schedule staff meetings, icebreakers and retreats.

Wellness in the Workplace & Wellness for Students

Mental Wellness cards help start discussions around mental health with an easy-to-use curriculum. The activities included can be used in the classroom or workplace to promote personal wellness, available to WSU faculty and staff. If you would like to request a set of cards, visit our requests page by clicking the button below.

Value Cards

Value cards are helpful to reflect on your values and improve mental wellness. Click the button below to download the value cards worksheet.

Mindful Breathing

Breathing is an action that everyone does without thinking. Putting intention and mindfulness behind breathing can have a multitude of benefits on your wellness. Watch the video to learn how to overcome distractions and being in tune with yourself.

168 Hours Worksheets

Learn how to identify your values and how to best use your time to add useful activities to align your values. Click the buttons below to download the two 168 hours worksheets.

Identifying Stressors

Being able to identify your stressors is helpful in being able to learn how to avoid them and increase your quality of life. Click the button below to download our stress management worksheet.